Czech Piano PETROF

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Czech Piano PETROF (LHL Prague)

PETROF is currently the largest producer of acoustic grand and upright pianos in Europe. It trades in 5 continents and exports to over 65 countries the world over. Since 1864, when Antonín Petrof built his first piano, we have produced under the PETROF name roughly 630,000 instruments and many others within the PETROF Brand Family. Our pianos are popular among musicians above all for their unusually soft, gentle, rounded and romantic tone. Over the decades of their production much has changed, but precise work by hand, careful selection of materials and the unchanging romantic sound endure. Countless famous performers and well-known personalities have fallen in love with PETROF instruments, and the representatives of the fifth generation proudly continue in their honorable trade and family tradition.

One of the company’s essential aims is to offer our customers a wide range of options so that everyone can choose his own instrument. Apart from the PETROF and ANT. PETROF brands, the company also owns other brands that each represent its own philosophy. Common to all of them is the rich history and timelessness of their design, which is conceived and developed by specialists from our design and technology center in Hradec Králové. All those traditional brands that were produced in Czechoslovakia have gradually been included in PETROF’s portfolio. The tones of these beautiful acoustic grand and upright pianos give inspiration to every pianist who sits down to play them.


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