Czech Painting

Czech Painting by Bela Schenková

Bela Schenková (LHL Prague)

Bela Schenková

In 1984 she graduated from the Department of Alternative Theater at the Academy of Performing Arts. 1984 - 1994 was one of the five founders of the experimental theater TUJU, which was the first alternative theater in the Czech Republic. 1996 - 2011 collaboration with the theater company Voliera Dromesco and the Forman Brothers Theater on La Baraque and Purple Sails. 1999 - 2018 founded the ANPU art theater and staged several performances. The home stage of the ANPU Theater was a big circus big top. ANPU Theater has performed at festivals in the Czech Republic, as well as in Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Australia, the USA, Mexico, Poland, Montenegro, etc. Bela Schenková acted as a director at ANPU theater and actively participated in artistic co-operation in all performances. In 2017 she started painting.

Slovak Painting by Ľubomír Miča

Slovak Painting by Ĺubomír Miča (LHL Prague)

Ĺubomír Miča

has been fully devoted to fine art for almost twenty years. He is the chairman of the interest association of artists SenArt in Senica and has so far painted more than seven hundred paintings. Most of them could be seen by visitors at ten solo and more than twenty collective exhibitions at home and abroad.

With his painting work, he has successfully entered the public consciousness, which is also confirmed by his leading placements in regional, national and foreign art competitions.



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